kerala home design
The House today is very interesting. The facade looks like a House modern ones that are you uncomfortable to dwell, but to see the distribution we have a rather nice design and which undoubtedly invites us to enjoy. It has a total of 237 square meters allowing architects to play a little with the space giving some really interesting.

kerala home design_1

As we can see in the plane of the ground floor we have to front the garage for two cars, the garage is open and works as a great Gallery of entry. We entered directly to the living room, not very big, but with enough space. From there, we can access to the dining room and a small office. Next to the dining room we have the kitchen with breakfast area and there are rear exit to the garden where will raise a zone type kinch/Grill. As they have been observed under the stairs we have access to the toilet on the ground floor.

kerala home design_2

In the distribution of the top floor we can see a corridor that we distributed among the three bedroom. We also have a small study area and access to the balcony of the front. The main room deserves a mention apart since it has a huge walk-in closet (or dressing, as they say in Spanish), bathroom en-suite and to an area that functions as a living room.

Do you think this work? To my I love, especially taking into account that it fits perfectly in an area of 10 meters wide by 25 meters deep, which makes it adaptable to large number of batches that are on the market.