kerala    home design
Let’s start the year with this cloth that I really liked. It has some very interesting features and I think a design that we should bear in mind if we are planning to build a three bedroom house. You could criticize the lack of a bedroom on the ground floor, but if we take into account that the plane is just little more than 6 meters wide is something that we can tolerate.

kerala    home design_1

On the ground floor, entering, we directly in the living room, we have left the dining room and a large kitchen. Since this sector we have access to the toilet, properly away from the living room, stairs to go up to the upper floor, the laundry and the exit to the back garden.

kerala    home design_2
The upper floor is very simple and not so less functional. A corridor we distributed among three bedrooms and the bathroom.

As we can see it is a design very good, with few wasted meters, and with great comfort for its occupants. No doubt a design that is worthwhile to note. You are saying?