kerala  home   design

Today I bring a plane that has almost all of the things that I would like to have in my own House. Two-story, social area of open concept, a room on the ground floor, area of study and play… Only lacks a toilet or half bathroom on the ground floor to make it perfect. Without doubts a great option to take into account but is could make some small changes to make it even better.

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On the ground floor, entered, we found with the receiver delimited by the stairs to the street and access to the master bedroom to the left. Right directly entered the living room, which, as he was said above, to be part of an open concept is fully open to the dining room and the kitchen. From this last we have access to the back garden.

On the upper floor we have a small area of study or work out of the staircase and a play area which can be smoothly a second living room and even transformed into a bedroom extra. We have, in addition, two rooms and bathroom.

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Rajesh Kumar