kerala homedesign
Today I bring you a very interesting map. A House distributed on two floors, with separate bedrooms and two bright and spacious social areas. It is a very nice building in sight and that seems to be very comfortable for their occupants, with large environments, but without exaggeration. There are only 156 square metres, but feel like many more.

kerala homedesign_1

On the ground floor we can notice three sectors: two social and one private. After passing by the gallery that surrounds much of the House we can enter the House. In the Hall on the right we have the toilet, front living room. This living room is spacious and bright thanks to large windows that surround it, at one end, we have a fireplace. This area is separated from the kitchen and the dining room downstairs (which leads to the upper floor and the lower level, which may well be a basement). On the front of the kitchen wall we have principal work area, then we have an island that can function as a breakfast bar or dining room and then with vista (and output) to the back garden we have the actual dining room. Along with this we have a main room with en suite bathroom and walk-in closet.
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