There are many things we can criticize him to this construction. As not having any “habitable” space on the ground floor. But taking into account that it has little more than 7 meters by 7 meters of plant can forgive him for that sort of thing. The distribution I think is very good and we can even ignore the ground floor and only a House of a floor with the distribution of the top floor.




On the lower floor have a large garage (which could be modified to have a bedroom more), a toilet, and the stairs to the upper floor. The only thing noteworthy at this level is the great gallery which leaves us the upper floor winter garden.


On the upper floor when we leave the stairs we have a terrace or balcony closed to the front (this environment, also, has a section of Grill), on the left we can see a large sitting next to her kitchen and dining room and in the background we have two bedrooms and a bathroom.

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