kerala    home design

I already know the tastes of visitors to this site. The designs that you like are those of small houses or houses modern and minimalist. Of all ways try to publish plans that cover many tastes and different needs. The today for example is a classic design of House of three rooms and two apartments, is one of those designs that easily adapts to many different realities. Although, obviously, it has its own details.

kerala    home design_1

On the ground floor, as you can see, we have the right garage for two cars and left input. The receiver is delimited by stairs and a toilet, then we have a hallway, out of which we are in the living room. Next to it we have a great kitchen with island and the dining room. From the room we can see, also, we have a beautiful view of the back garden.

kerala    home design_2

At the top level we have three bedrooms, laundry and bathroom. All of these are distributed around an area of study or work. The master bedroom has its own en suite bathroom, which is huge, and walk-in closet or dressing room of a considerable size.