I like this plane, you don’t have many luxuries, but it fulfills its function perfectly well. This House is a clear example that does not need large surfaces or convoluted constructions to get a very good House. We can criticize him that we have to go through the kitchen to go to the toilet. But as this is a home with no aspirations of luxury it isn’t something that way too. Not molestara to our family and friends out of the living room and go through the kitchen to go to the bathroom.


The fa├žade, by necessity, is dominated by the two-car garage, on the right we have the porch and the entrance to the House. We don’t have a hall itself, we went directly to the living room, on the left we have the stairs that lead to the upper floor. The living room is connected to the dining room and it is integrated to the large kitchen with island which leads to the garage after passing next to the toilet.



On the upper floor we have a small Hall that we distributed between the three bedrooms and a bathroom. The main room, plus, has its own bathroom suite and a walk-in closet.