The distribution of this House I fails to convince. It seems to me that the distinction between the living room and family room is unnecessary and adds square meters that could be used for other things. Particularly seem much better transform the room number 2 in a study and turn the family room into a bedroom, this way I think that the space would be used much better. Anyway if one is looking for a construction that has that space (family room) without a doubt, we must take it into account.


As you can see is a single plant. To the front, we have a gallery, enter directly into the living room, we don’t have a hall itself, in the same environment have the dining room and the kitchen. This last is separated from the rest of the environment by a breakfast bar. On the left we have two bedrooms with a bathroom in the Middle, all with doors facing the social area of the House. At the bottom we have a small distributor that allows us to use the laundry, enter the master bedroom (with a large en suite bathroom and a huge walk in closet) and, finally, enter the family room.

You notice that from the area of the living room, we have access to a square porch that can function as a dining outdoors? It seems to me a good detail of construction and that can be very useful. You are saying? Do you find them a good choice for your own home?
This house built in 2005.