At the time of saving in a construction first thing we must do is to reduce the square meters of our project. When we do this we subtract a bit of comfort. If we are still saving next to reduce the amount of bathrooms. This is what happens in the House that I bring you today. In only 62 square meters is accomplished a habitable House for up to 6 people. I of course fully occupied would be quite chaotic

kerala home designs

As we can see at the level we have a kind of corridor we distributed in the House. Left three bedrooms, left us with its doors giving to the social area of the House. On the right we have the living room, then bath and kitchen end.

I ubiese led the bath at the end of the construction faced to the laundry, and had attached the kitchen with the dining and the room of be for have a little more than space besides a greater feeling of amplitude. Anyway I think a house suitable for those that are intended to build his house and not have too much capital to invest.

kerala home design