two is the number of bedrooms that families might need. But not all families can afford it. This plane comes to meet that need. Of course, that in order to build it in an economical way the designer I deprive it of some necessary things. For example have a single bathroom will bring more than one headache for the occupants of the House, and the size of the dining room seems a joke, more if take into account that could have become large, just to “stretching” a wall a metre more to the left.


At the level we can see on the left the living room and dining room. On the right we see a room with a door that opens directly onto the living room. A little more behind the kitchen (from which have access to the laundry room) and a corridor that allows us to enter the remaining three bedrooms and the bathroom.


Delete the room that is identified as the fourth 4 and transform it into the living room would be a good idea. The salon there and left us remain where now this living room would leave a large dining room. I have a solution as simple as these two I propose for the lack of an extra bathroom.

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