kerala homedesign
Today I bring you a House with a fantastic facade. It is one of those facades that invite us to come in, with promises that we will receive a beautiful housewife that cooks very rich. Inside we can see a distribution more modern than we expected, without completely losing their identity, is as if it had modernized a old House.

kerala homedesign_1

As we can see from the plane to the front we have a small and very nice gallery, those that invite you to sit back and see how to play children on the sidewalk. Inside the House, the recibor is little more than a Hall, to the right we have the stairs, left the living room and front hall that leads to the dining room (passing next to the toilet). Next to the dining room, we have a huge kitchen with island and bar. From this last we have access to the living room, both a door and a bar type hatch. On the other side we have exit to the back garden on one side (a deck, and then the garden) and the entrance to the bedroom (after passing next to the laundry) on the other. This room has, as it is expected, with a large en suite bathroom and a nice walk-in closet.

kerala homedesign_2

The upper floor is much more simple, an open area, ideal for transforming it into an area of study or game (I would put the computer in that area for example), which we distributed between two bedrooms and the bathroom. Below is the complete picture of the fa├žade, which is, to my mind, the highlight of this construction.