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The houses of a plant usually be more comfortable that the of two. When you’re all on the same floor is more simple distribution especially if we are talking about a House of middle class, like the les I am presenting today. As we will see in the plane are privileged comfort of occupants on other aspects. One could criticize the location of bedrooms and its connection with the kitchen (something that is considered private area), but if we consider that in this House the kitchen is part of the social area already not can criticize him this.

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As we see it is a single-storey, front is dominated mostly by the garage for two cars. Left we have one of the bedrooms that protrudes slightly, and next to the have the input. We went directly to the living room, to the right we have access to two bedrooms and bath on the one hand and to the third bedroom and garage on the other. The main room, as usual, has en suite and walk-in closet.

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