Today’s level is a big American House. There are 316 meters square in a distribution requiring us to dispose of a large batch of land, something typically American. Another typical American thing (although in the image do not notice much) is the roof. This type of roof, made on the basis of a kind of shingles that are nailed, never me term of, feel me that can bring many problems of moisture and Filtrations. You see that I am not the only one I think of this, I was watching the website hydrotec.cat which offers services for this type of problem, for example the waterproofing of roofs.


By removing this detail, which is certainly more worthwhile to mia mania that a real problem (at least in a new house) seems to me a very interesting drawing and is worth consider. As you can see in the plane (the entrance is on the left side look), the House is focused on the enjoyment of the pool and the garden. When we entered ourselves in an atmosphere of concept open that is so fashionable lately. We have the living room, dining room and kitchen with island breakfast type, a large space and very welcoming apparently the problem seems to me to my serious heating.


From this environment will have access to an area that can be thought of as a second living room, elongated, a connection between the bedrooms and the garden area and swimming pool (in the plane is called it inside + out room), ideal for all its glazed doors open and let the air in the summer evenings. In this area of the House we have the toilet and sink in the first place. Then we have two bedrooms each with a small en suite bathroom. A little more to the right (in the plane) we have a hallway that allows us to enter the third bedroom and the master bedroom. The third bedroom also can be used as an office, although the en suite as large (with bath and double vanity) is a bit strange in an office. The main room is a huge suite with a walk-in closet or dressing room, quite large and a huge bathroom.

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Rajesh Kumar