kerala   homedesign

The facade of this House does not say much, even it seems rather bland and boring. The map of the distribution we can see is not for bland anda and is designed for enjoyment. It has large and luminous rooms, on the ground floor we see several wasted square meters.

kerala   homedesign_1

As we see on the ground floor at the entrance there is a small porch and a bow window (also known as bay window) to the left of this have an office or bedroom according to the use that you want to give. It is interesting because of its location it can have an external door, thus functioning as a office, visitors need not enter the House. In the living room we can notice a sectorization hand sector input and the other of actual living room. Next to the have the kitchen and the dining room which connected with the back garden through a gallery. On the left side of the construction we can see laundry and bath at the height of the kitchen and stairs to go to the basement, and go to the upper floor, in the area of the living room.

The upper floor care much more square meters. We can see a corridor that we distributed among three rooms more and a bathroom. Master, bedroom addition, has its own en suite bathroom.