Today I bring you the floor of a 3 bedroom house plan. It is a single-storey building with three rooms, two of which have en suite bath. On the outside it is a fairly common, those that do not draw attention, inside I think it is a very comfortable house with space enough for a family of 4, 5 and 6.


Front we have a covered space multifunction, which serves both as a gallery at the entrance as a garage with space for 2 cars. Entering we were in a zone of concept with the dining room and the living room in the first place. At the back a large kitchen adjoins the living room and dining room with a bar. At the bottom of everything already on the outside of the House, while indoors, we have laundry.

On the right side of the construction we have what might be called the private area of the House. We have a Hall which we distributed between the three bedrooms and the bathroom. Two of these bedrooms has en-suite bathroom. but the more large, moreover, has a walk-in closet large enough.

The roof of the House is Texas. In Argentina usually is called colonial tiles and they were widely used in different government housing plans. Plans where built a full neighborhood of equal houses, not like the plan CHILDBEARING. Now there are such plans, but the ceiling does not already come from Texas.

You are saying this design? Do you think distribution? You notice the “Lung” that is left next to the dining room to improve ventilation and lightness?