kerala home design

After going through some problems with the site, we come back with everything. First I want to apologize if these days they wanted to see some planes that were published and could not do so, there were a few problems with the server, specifically there was a DNS problem and then a fails the cache, when I was solved first thing jump the second and that extended the delay now, luckily, this everything working properly. On this return, I bring a plane that I find quite interesting since it offers some interesting solutions to the distribution of the House in less than 6 metres wide.

kerala home design_1

On the ground floor, facing the street, we have a large enough garage to the right and a Hall which functions as a receiver on the left. In the Middle we have access to the stairs and at the rear have two bedrooms (one of them with access to the rear garden) and the bathroom in the middle. The bedroom with exit to the garden can also function as an office or as a second living room, it is quite simple to adapt it to the needs of the family who occupy the home.

kerala home design_2

On the upper floor, when we leave the stairs, we find the kitchen with island that doubles as a breakfast bar or dining room. Right, what would be the front of the House, we have the main bathroom, laundry and the master bedroom, this is connected to the bathroom by an internal door, doing what some call a semi-suite. On the back we have the dining room and the living room, distributed in what we know as an open concept. At the end we have a terrace that works as a living outdoor room free very interesting.

Do you think design? Do you like them? To my personally I like and I think it is a good choice for those who do not have much space in less than 6 metres wide by 23 in length were able to quite easily locate a family of 4 or 5 members.