keralahome design
I loved the plane I found today. It is a model of House of one floor and three bedrooms. There are only 90 square metres, but he is accomplished perfectly solve three bedrooms, two bathrooms, rooms for living, kitchen, dining room and laundry, providing a very comfortable space for a family of up to 6 members.

The above is the schematic drawing, is accessed by one of the sides of the House, the Hall is a hall that allows access to the dining room to the lounge to the left and right. Separated these two by the kitchen and the laundry room or pantry. From the dining area we have access to a corridor that leads to two bedrooms and the bathroom.

keralahome design_1

It is interesting as this split bath, an area for the shower, another for the toilet, particularly it would add a sink in this last. It seems to me a little. awesome like this now, but we must note that he adds much comfort, since the two spaces may be using at the same time.

From the living room area, we have access to the master bedroom. Large but not be exaggerated. This bedroom with en suite bathroom and walk-in closet. A place very comfortable and bright as we can see.The above image, that of the plane in 3d, I think that it better illustrates the distribution, and we can imagine in the building. Notice, how, in this picture, we can see the washbasin in the toilet. No doubt is a great addition the 3d design to observe details that we would be overlooked.

In this last picture we can see a rendering of the contra-fachada. In these days of heat, at least in my country are the days are still quite warm, is grateful to have a swimming pool. Gallery and outdoor table is makes me ideal to spend a pleasant time in the evenings.