I found this plane… I really liked. It is a small but very comfortable house. The bad thing is that I don’t see the form to enlarge it in search of a third bedroom. The interesting thing is that in a batch of 12 meters wide two of these houses could be built as shown in the drawing. This makes it attractive if we want to build our House and also generate an income extra.


Entrance and driveway share space, at times can be somewhat uncomfortable, but is a very good solution for saving a few meters. We entered directly to the living room. It is connected to the dining room and the kitchen since it’s an open-concept environment. From the kitchen we have access to laundry and from there to the back garden. Retracing our steps, in the area of living, we have access to the two bedrooms and the bathroom. It is striking bedroom more small features en suite bathroom.

Do you think this design? Would you live in a House as well? Personally I don’t like to be so “tight”, but I like was solved the issue of ventilation and light to add that small internal garden in the middle.

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Rajesh Kumar