I liked the planes of today’s duplex. It seems to me that you it’s a design that covers all the needs of a family of 4 or 5 without any problem. The distribution of the first floor, as we saw in a previous plane, is optimum, without wasting any square meter.

The ground floor can not like us too by the location of the toilet and the kitchen to the front. But if we look carefully we can see how these two frame the receiver from which we access the great open concept environment without directly entering the kitchen. Living room and dining room we communicate very well with the rear garden, which I will put an image at the end of the article.


Upstairs, in the absence of a better adjective, is compact. A tiny hallway that we distributed between the three bedrooms and single floor bath. The fourth main single differs from others by being a little more big and have a large closet.

If you are attentive observers, I am sure that they do, may have noticed that the windows of the fa├žade are bullfights with respect to the images of the plane. In fact the facade I am presenting at the beginning is not the most aesthetic that we can observe. If in that picture it had respected the locations indicated on the plane had been much better I think.

In the image of the facade against which we see here above we can notice that the windows if they are aligned with openings on the bottom floor, giving a look much more aesthetic, are still a little covered patio.

Would think of this design? Do you like them? They built it? I particularly would prefer that the bathroom on the ground floor is full, to be able to go there when the upper floor occupied, the thing very normal in families of 4 members.