I really liked the drawing that I bring you today. The last of the year surely. It is a House with two floors and three bedrooms in just 127 square meters. A space more than enough I think, not so disproportionate as in other planes that are published on the site.

What is not available is a good en suite bathroom. But taking into account the large size of the main bathroom floor surely no questions remain regarding what is missing. At the same time we have another bathroom on the ground floor, which, although it is not a bathroom, surely we can get in any trouble.


As you can see in the plane of the ground floor we have a garage for a car and a large living room. Interesting is the location of the bathroom (and laundry within the), next to the garage, accessible, but with great privacy, something that many times we feel that you lack in social baths. The kitchen and dining room are separated from the living room area, but connected with large openings, giving an aspect of distribution of semi open concept.


The top floor is simple, but it is not less interesting. They are three very spacious bedrooms the main a little more, as it is expected, and a large bathroom. The latter boasts large, shower bath and large sinks. For many of us a bidet is missing to consider it perfect, I am sure that any architect or Builder can add it without problems.