kerala   homedesign

Today I bring you a detached villas complex planes. Obviously I could build one if you prefer, or add all that we believe necessary. This type of construction has too many variants and many of the plans that we can see are very similar to one another.

kerala   homedesign_1

kerala   homedesign_2

In this we can in particular, that the receiver is delimited by the stairs. Then we went to the living room, a sizable bearing in mind that they are only 97 square meters. Under the stairs we have the toilette. At the bottom we have the kitchen with breakfast bar and dining room. Together with them the laundry and finally output to the rear garden.

kerala   homedesign_3

kerala   homedesign_4
We have two bedrooms separated by a bathroom. The master bedroom also account with its own en suite bathroom.I hope that he is liked and they can give you useful designs seen here.