kerala homedesign

Today I bring you what I think that it is a truly comfortable house to live. It seems to me a very good design, which lends itself to enjoyment in the company of family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere. The movement may not be the best but is comfortable enough.

kerala homedesign_1

As you can see it is a one-story house. Right have all the social area, opposite the open carport for two vehicles have. We have a small entrance hall, after passing by the we have the living room, with her dining room that connects to the kitchen by a bar. In it we also have a dining or breakfast room. From here we have access to the laundry room that connects us with the garage. On the back we have a kind of barbecue or area for cooking outdoors.

On the left we have the area of the bedrooms. We have three bedrooms and the bathroom. One of these rooms has its own bathroom en suite, as usual.