Today I bring you the plane of a House that seems to me very comfortable to live in. At the same time it is a very versatile construction and I’m going to leave another option of distribution if they prefer to have all the bedrooms together. No doubt it’s a very interesting House, with a design that covers many different needs.

In the plant low have to front a gallery, ideal for an afternoon. Upon entering, we are in a great open concept environment. On the left we have the zone designated for the living room, spacious and bright. To the right are the dining area, a bit more small, but equally bright. Next to the last have the kitchen, with large, spacious, comfortable island. From here we can enter the toilet and the bedroom on one side and the back garden on the other.


The master bedroom is so large that it can be transformed into a family room and office. That it will see to the end. But in this first design we can see has a rather nice ensuite bathroom (though the tub is missing) and a walk in closet acceptable.

The upper floors, which can be accessed by stairs that are available in the living room, 3 bedrooms, has a second living room and laundry. One of the bedrooms, as we can see is a second suite, the same size as the bottom. The other rooms are spacious enough for a very comfortable living.


The shared bathroom of this plant if you have bathtub, but not a separate shower. The living area can be easily transformed into another room. It laundry in this plant, although comfortable for them standards American, for many of us can be problematic that is found in the second plant.

Finally I’d like to show them the alternative design of the ground floor (I don’t have the possible changes of the second), so that will give you an idea of what can be achieved.


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