In the southern hemisphere we are in summer season, in Argentina in particular, January and February are the months where almost everyone we take a vacation, so I found it interesting to publish the drawing of a holiday cottage. It serves several purposes, both for a small family that wants to build it for their own use as for someone who wants to build more like rental business.


As we can see the plane have very little space habitable within the cabin, is more a place to sleep than for anything else. Just we have some space for cooking something for a rainy day that no Let’s walk. The bathroom is also small, but I don’t think it’s too much problem if we are thinking of a short stay.

Particularly instead of a bed would be a sofa bed so we could have a zone type living room, with what would be a space much more versatile within the few square metres of which we have.

You are saying this design? Take into account that the House has less than 5 metres from side, you can build many in a field to form a complex of cabins of those that we elect those who want to vacation but we do not like the traditional hotels.