Childbearing offers very good plans. On the site we have published some of them. And as the detail of the architect is not known that the design I decided to create a “phantom architect” to assign those planes. In this way we have a choice but to be able to filter and see the designs and drawings that are published on the website. I hope that this change is nice.


It is a fairly compact design but fairly well distributed. To the front, we have two bedrooms and space for the car shared with the entrance to the House. Upon entering we observe a 6 m long open-concept space by 5 wide. There are the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. It is interesting to note the location of the toilet, right near the entrance, but so that not are “attacks” on the rest of the environment.

From the total area in the living room, we have access to three bedrooms. Two of them are distributed in the classical and efficient solution of: bedroom – bathroom – bedroom. The third room is located with its door giving directly to the room be, but without losing all the privacy needed for a good night’s sleep.

In the back of the building, we have a space for Gallery and grill. I particularly would this space a little wider, at least three meters. In this way this space wins in utility, since we could use it as a kind of barbecue where do meetings and parties. In fact this is one of the extensions that I am planning in my own House, which in my case would only be with a large bedroom on the top, but that is part of another story.