Yesterday asked if they preferred the planes with more or less comments mine. Leave them an example where I only wrote the fundamental characteristics of the plane. The choice of the majority was that I elaborate more and comment on what I think of different levels.

The House today is interesting, but with some details that I love too. I will pay more attention to symmetry in the facade to other things that would make it much more comfortable.

On the ground floor we have a gallery that surrounds most of House. We entered right in the middle of construction, directly to the kitchen which has island breakfast type. On the left we have the living room and to the right we have the dining room. Here is a corridor which leads to the master bedroom, the garage, the stairs leading to the upper floor and the bathroom. I like it separates the bathroom from the living room and dining room.

In the plant, which is not built on the garage (for which we can not build it) have a Hall which we distributed between the laundry room, bathroom and two bedrooms.

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