Today is a fairly simple plane in its contribution. To see him right away, we noticed that home to a is very comfortable living. With spacious rooms, a House that has everything we need without being overloaded. Obviously when you have 234 square meters is something a little more simple than when we have a small building.


It is a two storey house… But the top floor is only an additional. The front is dominated by a gallery, we entered the House in the Middle, we have a small Hall, which indeed is great if we consider forming a “corridor” that connects us with the back porch. Left is the very large living room. Right with a gigantic bathroom master bedroom is en suite and walk-in closet. A bit more there, on the left we have the dining room and kitchen with Island (these two are connected to the living area), on the left we have a hallway leads to an office, laundry, bathroom and two bedrooms.


The upper floor, as we see it, does not have any peculiarity. It is an empty rectangle that we can give you any utility.
This house built in 2004.