kerala  home   design

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If, now, it is not a big house, but if we consider that you have three bedrooms these 76 square metres represent plenty of space for few occupants. The distribution is something that I like quite, very casual I would say. No doubt it is not a formal House, is youngest of someone that you like to receive friends and parties.

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As we can see in the left sector of the construction we have the House, with the entrance right in the middle. To the left of the entrance hall or foyer, we have access to the single bedroom and on the right we have the living room. The latter is completely open to the dining room and the kitchen. Leaving us with a very spacious living room.

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From the kitchen industry we have access to laundry and from this to the only connected the House also this bath room and a huge walk-in closet, all this reminds me of carrie Department. On the other hand, to the right, we have the garage opened with an area of saved. I would make a few changes and transform this simple garage in a barbecue area with grill, is not very complicated to make and would be very good I think.