In the front of the House, we have a very nice gallery, with space to sit. On the back we have another porch something most small and three-car garage. To be a House of a plant we need a lot of fairly broad land. Is without a doubt a house fairly comfortable of inhabiting.



The receiver is delimited by the dining room and a bedroom (which can be turned into an office). To the front, we have the living room, to the right we have a hallway that leads to the bathroom and three bedrooms (the master bedroom has walk-in closet and en suite bathroom. To the left of the living room, we have the kitchen with island and bar and the breakfast room (which may also be a dining room). A little more than we have the laundry room, the toilet, an office and access to the garage. The location of this office is something uncomfortable since it does not have a convenient access from other areas of a House.