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I like this House because it adapts to many situations and different locations. We can imagine it both in a gated type Argentine country or in a common residential area without any problem. Also their distribution makes it very versatile upstairs game room can be turned into a fourth bedroom or in an area of work without too many problems. A change that I would make is in the location of the toilet and the sink. Particularly would make sure the toilet is more accessible from the living by reversing its position with the laundry.

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In the plant low to the right have the garage for two cars, to the left have the room of be and just between the input. The entrance hall or foyer is delimited by the garage on one side and the stairs on the other. We entered a large environment where we have the living room and dining room. Beyond kitchen with bar, to the right we have access to the garage, the kitchen with island and where it ends we have the dining room to the right we have the toilet and the master bedroom with en suite bathroom and walk-in closet.

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Only upstairs we have a Hall which we distributed between two rooms, games or game room and bath room.