kerala  home design
Today I bring you this beautiful House of 122 square meters, which seem to many, but if we notice that we have 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and two walk-in closets are not so many. The social area is spacious, but if we have many furnitures surely we will have to get rid of some of them. A good option is to sell them, whether in a classic garage sale, as on the internet, there are many pages to sell, if ask them me I you would say: sell your furniture here. Less furniture, but with some money in your pocket, you can continue planning our House.

kerala  home design_1

The House itself seems very interesting. As we can see at the level we have two distinct sectors separated by the entrance area. Left the bathroom (that works like guest bathroom) and two bedrooms. To the right the social area, large living room, kitchen and dining room, these two joined by a small bar serving hatch. Next to the living room, we have the master bedroom, with en suite bathroom and walk-in closet.

As you said, is an interesting dimensions, but if you see details that were added, but gives us a life more comfortable in general, the available square meters are reduced. Anyway still a House very spacious and certainly live very comfortably 4, 5 and up to 6 people. To achieve a greater privacy and comfort, I think, is that it decided to extend the construction across. Reaching almost 16 metres.

I do not like construction is the facade. It seems rather bland and even impromptu if you will. The choice of windows seems to me that it was incorrect, a very large dining room and a very small room. If that we add colors and tables to view the result, in my opinion is not the best. Of course, as I said at my mom, thumbs there is nothing written, i.e., that I do not I like does not mean it is ugly. Also the distribution seems to be very good.