kerala   home design

The House that I found today I really liked. It has an air to forest cabin that makes it very special. The spaces are fairly spacious and bright. The only against that I find you is the size of the kitchen, but is enough for a family of 3 or 4 members.

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As you can see in the facade, the front of the building is dominated by a large stone fireplace. The income is not the exact front, we have a small porch and enter by the middle of the living room. The social environment we can say that it’s one open concept, but the truth is that space limitations oblige have the living room, dining room and kitchen in the same environment. The pantry is available next to the entry is very useful.

From this area, we have a hallway that leads to two bedrooms, large, and huge bath. Within this last, concealed behind sliding doors, we have laundry. A remarkable point is the access to the bathroom from the bedroom… lost some privacy but wins in comfort, and set up what some call half-suite.

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