kerala   home design

If get you this huge porch / gallery, would be us only 129 square meters, but the building would lose its personality. So you can see is a house designed to enjoy the outside. When you can be out also intends to be in contact with the outside, by a few large windows surrounding the social area of the building.

kerala   home design_1

If you are planning to build this beautiful House think that they need a lot of at least 20 × 20 m. In fact the length would be better that approaching 30. As we see it is a single plant distributed in the form of “T”. On the leg of the T, we have the social area, kitchen with island, Livin’. At the head of the T on the one hand have a bedroom with a half bathroom (what they call a half suite), this bathroom also works as a guest bathroom. At the other end we have the master bedroom having an en-suite bathroom and dressing room.

As you can see in the design around the living area of the House we have a large Gallery, with area to Cook, eat and relax with friends. We even have a fireplace.