When you see this plane are going to say “but this I already saw it” and if… It is so. There are solutions that are repeated constantly. A good distribution can be applied in many types of houses. East for example where is gathers in one single sector all you need installation of water (two bathrooms, laundry and kitchen) lowers costs and makes the construction is much more rapid. Other things that repeat themselves is how they distributed the lockers in rooms that share a wall (as you can see between the 2 and 3 bedrooms).




In the front of the House we have a large garage for two cars. On the right we have a small garden and the entrance. There is a Hall, directly entering the living room. At the bottom we have the dining room and next to the kitchen where, in addition, have the laundry. From the living room we have a hallway that leads to the bathroom and three bedrooms. Two of them stuck to the garage which has no internal access to the House. The main room has, as usual, with en suite bathroom and a small walk-in closet.


Sreekanth Pangappatt
PG Group Designs, Kanjirappilly