kerala homedesign

Escapandome some of my daily responsibilities (work, study, family), I bring you some super duplex plans that you will surely like. It makes enough that no public designs of this type of construction (which also called row houses). One of the things that I like these that I bring today is that they have three bedrooms, this versatile makes them very. How they will be able to see, they also have basement from which the design is not included.

kerala homedesign_1

On the ground floor, we can notice a large elongated environment consisting of the living room and dining room. The latter is connected with the kitchen. The receiver is something below the rest of the building, giving a feeling of very good separation. Next to the we have the bathroom and separating this from the kitchen stairs.

Above, we see a very classical and very functional distribution. At the exit of the stairs we have a hall which we distributed between three rooms. We have two at the front, in the Middle, front stairs, bath and, finally, back, the master bedroom.