kerala    home design
Today I bring you the plans of a House of a plant which I find very pleasant. It has a distribution that I believe is very comfortable and contemporary. In the social area of the House we can see a distribution of those who call for open concept. Furthermore we have the separate, on the one hand bedrooms two rooms and on the other the master bedroom. This last seems a very interesting solution to generate a flexible distribution.

kerala    home design_1

kerala    home design_2

As we can see the building is on one floor, distributed in three distinct sectors. On the right we have two bedrooms and a bathroom in the middle. On the left have, to front, garage for two cars and behind the master bedroom with en suite bathroom and walk-in closet. Between the master bedroom and the garage we have an area for laundry. In the Middle we have the social area. Front living room we have, quite large, with a fireplace in the background we have the dining room and together to the horseshoe-shaped kitchen. From this sector we have rear exit to the garden.
kerala    home design_3

kerala    home design_4

Would think of this design? to my I think one interesting and would have it in mind to build my own House if you were starting from scratch.