This site is an inspiration to many people, even for some architects who are are encouraging to have their own sites to show their work and the things that excite them, such is the case of Alberto Victor Gavius who starting with your blog… I wish you the greatest success. Today I bring you the plane of a House with two floors. It has many very distinct environments, there are many critical if one like this type of designs, could name the location of the bathroom that would use visits. I particularly prefer the plans a little more simple, but if you like one as well, this undoubtedly is a very good option.




The entrance to the House is surrounded by two garages. We have one to two cars on the one hand and on the other we have one for a single vehicle. The receiver is delimited by the dining room on the left, a corridor that leads to the garage and laundry to the stairs to the front and right. Coming out of the receiver you can choose between entering the living room or the kitchen. The first, which, as I understand, a role more formal, also connects us with the main bedroom (which has, as always, with en suite bathroom and walk-in closet). The kitchen is connected by a bar, the breakfast room (which may well be dining) and a second living room. From here we connect with a second bedroom and bath.




Ramachandran Menon
Menon associates aluva